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TOP HOTEL Praha offers a wide variety of original Thai massage to help free you from pain, stiffness and muscle tension. This massage strengthens the nervous system and helps provide complete mental relaxation and overall regeneration.

 Reservation: +420 267 284 278 / wellness@tophotel.cz

Massage Offerings:


Traditional Thai massage is done without oil and in loose clothing. During the massage, the masseuses use their whole weight exerted on the pressure points on your body, removing tension and relaxing the lymphatic system, warming up the energy throughout the body.


Relaxing oil massage is a lighter form of Thai massage suitable for everyone. The whole body is massaged using the fragrant oil from the feet to the head. This massage assists backaches and muscles, improving circulation and boosting immunity.


The unique combination of oil massage with the application of hot packages filled with fresh herbs on the energy centres of your body. The heat has a beneficial effect on the muscles that warms, relaxes and prepares you for an effective relaxing oil massage.


Foot massage relaxes tired and heavy feet. Massaging the reflex points on the feet stimulates blood circulation, relieves pain, and circulates the energy throughout the body. The massage is based on ancient map, which connects the internal organs with specific parts of the foot.


A relaxing, gentle oil massage for expectant mothers. It helps the body relax and while relieving symptoms during pregnancy - low back pain and headache; it relieves stress and fatigue and acts as prevention against stretch marks.


An invigorating scalp massage involves gentle pressure on energy points on the face, neck and thoracic spine. It pumps blood to the skin, helps slow the aging process and generally brings about a strong relaxation of mind and body.


A special massage that is not only targeted on your strained and aching back, but also on the problematic parts – the neck, shoulders and head. Different massage techniques are combined using hot herb bags and menthol oils and ointments.


Restorative oil sports massage is ideal for active people with strained muscles and ligaments. It is a combination of oil massage with elements of traditional Swedish sports massage.


An arm massage from the shoulder to the fingertips which eliminates pain and acts preventively against the occurrence of health complications, such as tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, and others. The massage brings immediate relief and a feeling of lightness to tired hands.

Price list of massages:

  30 min 60 min 90 min 120 min
Thai   800,-Kč 1.050,-Kč 1.300,-Kč
  900,-Kč 1.150,-Kč 1.400,-Kč
    1.200,-Kč 1.450,-Kč
550,-Kč 900,-Kč    
550,-Kč 900,-Kč 1.150,-Kč 1.400,-Kč
490,-Kč 800,-Kč