Date: 28. 10. 2019

This year the Czech and the Slovak nations are celebrating 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakian statehood.
The high point of the celebration was a special night, organised by the current president of the Czech Republic Miloš Zeman at the Prague Castle. Within the framework of this event, the president awarded some famous people from the field of science, culture and sport, and he has also not forgotten to honour the fallen soldiers in Afghanistan. The performance of an opera singer Mrs. Urbanová, who was singning the part of opera Libuše, has become a dignified end of this evening.
Well, it would not be the celebration without food and beverage. And TOP HOTEL PRAHA was honoured to provide its perfect famous catering services. A special celebratory atmosphere was complemented with great artworks of culinary masters, so guests and visitors have been able to get an esthetic pleasure from the excellent presentation of treats, enjoying to taste a lot of delicious delicacies. Particular attention should be given to such beautiful culinary masterpieces as: magnificent gems carved in Parmesan or ice сarved reliefs of the first president TG Masaryk and many other prominent athletes like Emil Zátopek and Věra Čáslavská.
TOP HOTEL Praha TOP HOTEL Praha was honoured to have been given the opportunity to present its high-quality catering services at a such important event as it was “100 years of Czechoslovakian statehood”, and thus curring favor with the other guests present and general public at a whole.
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